In Memory of The Late Mambo King Tito Puente this tribute is telling the story of a young Puerto Rican decent born In Spanish Harlem New York City that was musically inclined at a very young age joined the United States Navy began playing a saxaphone and how the Timbales turned him into this legacy of introducing the Mambo, Cha Cha Cha & Guaguanco which is now called Salsa.

The song is bilingual enticing  you to Mambo and make a difference in this world creating your own Mambo Movement.  The Passion & The Mambo Legend Continues as Tito Puente Jr.  Pays Tribute to his late father’s Legacy as The Mambo King Tito Puente on his 20th Anniversary. Multi Grammy Nominee Luis Disla brings his experience and passion with these arrangements that brought this song to life. 

Executive Producer Composer USMC Veteran behind this Tribute is Carlos Calle creating Mambo 20 featuring Tito Puente  Jr.,  Marlow Rosado (2 Grammys) Richard Bravo (2 Grammys),  Cali Aleman, Luis Disla, Jose Daniel Parra and Sergio Munera, Jose Arroyo.   Tito Puente Jr. continues his late father’s Legacy continuing to play the Timbales and keeping his Latin Culture and Father’s Legacy Alive.